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If you know me by now, you will know I have a terrible sweet tooth! That’s when I turn to healthier recipes to satisfy my cravings. When you think of dessert, two things come to our mind. One is sugars and the other is fat content. I have a recipe here that cuts down the fat, but not the taste. I have fellow blogger Gemma Hall to show you how to recreate a lemon cake by switching ingredients for a healthier alternative. I am sure this low fat lemon cake made with greek yogurt will be a hit with...

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South Indian breakfast-Ven pongal & Sweet pongal!

Pongal is a South Indian festival that happens once a year. It goes by different names throughout India- Lohri, Makar Sankranti are a few I know of. Its a festival of harvest and happens early January. Since it’s about rejoicing in the good harvest of the crops, the food we make on the day of festivity includes cereal and lentils. It does take some time to prepare this tummy filling breakfast goodness, but as a busy parent with a long to-do-list, I have found a shortcut to make this a less hassle. So let me tell you how I make...

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I have never been a big fan of Brussels sprouts, maybe because I never found a recipe that I enjoyed. I’ve found it to be a little bland for me and have been experimenting with recipe ideas to create that perfect recipe that suited my taste. And voila! The Vegan Sauteed brussels sprouts ticked all the right boxes for me. Moist, flavourful and if you like rice, this recipe makes the perfect accompaniment. It’s low-carb, great for a packed lunch to work, and has all the good stuff you need to give you that mid-day energy boost. Fill your lunch box with...

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So we had brown rice named the best alternative to white rice. True, but I think black rice dominates the health benefits of brown rice. The best way to eat this superfood is by making this super easy instant black rice pudding. This is a recipe that I learned from back home in India, is more of a sweet sticky rice topped with grated coconut. Black rice does need to be soaked overnight, as it takes a lot longer to cook than the brown or white rice. I like to eat this for breakfast or as a healthy dessert....

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