Finding motivation to lose weight is the hardest part, isn’t it? We all want to see the numbers on the scale drop a pound a day. I like to stay fit by swapping and not restricting. I also believe in achieving these results making healthy choices, so results are more sustainable. Someone else that believes in this is Samantha, a certified fitness trainer and weight loss coach who battled out colon cancer at 29, and now at 40, is helping women her age get fit and back in shape by sharing with us 5 way to lose weight eating and burn fat.

How to Eat and Burn Fat – 5 Simple Changes You Can Make to See Results Quicker

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and feel like you’re “eating right”, but still aren’t where you want to be with your goals?

Trust me, you’re not alone!  Too many times we’re misled by social media and television advertisements persuading us to eat this, eat that, follow this, follow that…that often leads us feeling even more defeated, much less getting our hormones even more out of whack!

Today I want to remove that burden from your shoulders and let you know that it’s not as hard as we tend to make it!  What if I told you it could be as simple as making a few healthier changes to the way we eat every day that could start giving you the results you’re looking for fairly quickly!  Sounds good right!

When we eat foods that quickly raise our blood sugar > we feel energized thanks to the sugar-rush, but then insulin is released to process and lower our blood sugar (because we can’t survive with an ongoing, outrageously high blood sugar) and then in just a few short minutes, thanks to the insulin for taking the sugar of out of our bloodstream, we feel sluggish and tired. What do we do next? Reach for more sugar!

With this continuous ups and downs of spikes in blood sugar followed by the continuous release of insulin, not only can disease and diabetes happen, but the body is also triggered to store fat.

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Here’s how you can avoid the sugar spike, the insulin spike, prevent fat storage, increase your energy and reduce your risk of diabetes and disease.

  1. Avoid foods that cause the sudden rise in your sugar.  Foods such as white starches like white bread, white flour, white potatoes, white pasta, sugary cereals, pastries and even some fruits such as bananas, dates, cantaloupes, and watermelon can quickly raise the blood sugar triggering the domino effect of insulin and fat storage.
  2. Choose nutrient-dense foods that are fiber-rich and take longer to digest.
    Foods such as whole grains, sweet potatoes, most vegetables, meats and other protein sources such as poultry, fish, beef, and beans take longer to digest, prevent the sudden rise in sugar and will keep you feeling fuller longer.
  3. Add a protein and fiber to every meal.  Adding a protein and fiber slows down or can block the sudden release of sugar, so instead of just having a banana, pair it with a handful of almonds, too!
  4. Eat several meals throughout the day.  By eating smaller, but nutrient dense meals throughout the day, not only will your blood sugar stay balanced, but your energy level will also stay level.  Your stomach will literally be at work all day which increase your calorie burn, keeps you satisfied longer and subsequently increases your metabolism.
  5. Eat a healthy balance of carbohydrates and protein.  Carbs come in the form of sugars and starches and provide your body with primary energy, as well as fiber and vitamins.  When your body does not take in the amount of carbohydrates that it needs for adequate energy, it will start using energy from protein. And where does this protein come from? Muscle tissue. When your body starts losing protein from the muscle, you begin to lose muscle tissue and growth of the muscles (atrophy), you lose energy and your body weakens = unhealthy body = bad news for you.  Preserving muscle tissue and replacing protein is critical for fat loss.

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Especially if you’re a new mom or have kids in tow, it’s easy to become discouraged and lose sight of taking care of yourself. Too often we focus most of our time on our family, husband, children, friendships and even our job and forget that WE must be taken care of as well.  

Consider which of these changes you can start making today that will help you feel better and start seeing the results you want to see.

Sam is the owner and blogger of TeamSam Fitness, a healthy living blog for women over 40. Her mission is to help and provide women who are shackled by their weight and poor health with a place to start and the tools they need to feel better, have more energy, fit back in those clothes again, become more active and most importantly, how NOT to revert back to their old habits.  You can find her at where she shares workouts, weight loss and healthy living tips for women.

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