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Sure you’ve heard about blogging and creating a digital diary on the internet, broadcasting your talents, likes, your lifestyle, your journey or a creative outlet. Now if you want to turn that hobby of yours into a money-making business it is POSSIBLE! That right, this could actually be the start of your dream work from home job.

So how do you do it? How do you make money blogging?


All it takes is that you follow a few key steps right at the start of setting up your blog and understand the methods of creating an online income stream. Lets first learn what it takes for you to be a blogger.


You just need three things,

  • Passion/ interest in a niche (a category like food, family, lifestyle, fashion…an endless list!)
  • Love to write
  • Enjoy sharing information and ideas to help others grow.

Niche explained…

What blogging does is, it helps you (a blogger), connect with other people on the internet that share similar interests, and would benefit from what you write and promote. The difference when you are trying to make money blogging is that you write content that’s going to help your readers. Imagine if I were to write a whole website about me. What I did, what I do and blah blah… I’m sure not a lot of you might be interested in reading, especially if my content is not helping you in any way. This is where finding a “niche” comes into place. Niche is nothing but an area of your interest. I don’t believe that there is “a best niche” to earn you an income, but if you do pick a niche where not a lot of people are interested in, you might find it difficult to get readers to your blog.

Three things to keep in mind when picking your niche,

1. You need to have enough ideas to create content for as long as you want to keep your blog running.

2. Learn if there is an audience for that topic.

3. Narrow down on a niche. For instance, it is better to create a budget-friendly fitness blog or a fitness blog for post-pregnancy, rather than a broader and general fitness blog.

FITNESS BLOG = An ok niche

POST PREGNANCY FITNESS BLOG = Bingo! We’ve got a more specific audience!

My take on choosing a niche is, you don’t have to go too broad or too narrow.


For example, you want to search for an easy dinner recipe online. You do a google search and hope that someone out there has created a super easy dinner recipe that you can cook in minutes.  As a blogger, you need to be that “someone” who created that easy recipe that people are searching for online. You can do this right using a little help with keyword research ( I’ll explain that in another post). My point here is your blog needs to be the go-to guide for readers in your niche to make your blog profitable.



You can work the hours you want, from anywhere you want!

The flexibility is incredible

The investment is as little as ONLY $3 /month and….

You get to be your own boss!

You can work as little as an hour a day which would suit anyone with a busy lifestyle. But to be honest, if you are really serious about turning your blog to profit you might need to contribute 3 hours a day on average (you can tone it down on weekends :)) But if you like to take it a little slower by all means an hour is plenty!

There are successful bloggers that work full time and some that work on their blog along with their day jobs. It’s totally up to you to decide. There are many moms and dads that have created way more than a full-time income on their blogs. I’m talking thousands of dollars every month. Some have done this in just a few months of starting their blog and these are just regular parents, so it is totally possible with the right resources.

Your blog is a business you own. A business that costs you as little as a couple of dollars a month! You own this website you create, and the content you write. And if you have like-minded readers that enjoy your work, you have found your audience!


The oh-so-important question if you are looking to make an income. Yes, let us talk money.

How do you sit behind a computer and type paragraph after paragraph and expect money to roll in?

Who is going to pay us?

What are we selling?

Who will be interested to buy the “products”?

It’s only going to take a few minutes of your attention to explain all of this to you.

Okay, so how many times have you read a content on a website that had content highlighted? And when you click on that highlighted link, it takes you to another page that gives you further information about a product.

Let me show you.

“Mommy blogger Suzi Whitford has an amazing blog by number course. It’s by far the perfect beginners guide with video tutorials and a step-by-step walkthrough, that shows you how to start a blog and make money from it.”

Now if I were to put the above sentence in one of my blog posts and you clicked on that highlighted link, which directs you to the blog by number course and you buy the course, I make a small commission from it at no extra cost to you. How cool is that?

Note: If you are a beginning blogger I highly. HIGHLY recommend the blog by number course. I have taken a lot of blogging courses in the past but nothing has been as clear and easy to understand. It not only takes you from start to finish in creating your own website, but gives you free templates, and a huge range of strategies to build your traffic (readers) and make money. If there’s one investment you want to make to learn to blog, this one won’t disappoint, and if you do decide to buy it I would appreciate you using my link ( thank you!)

In the example above, the product is a course. But say you are a food blogger, you can leave links in your blog post on products like cooking ingredients or kitchen gadgets and direct them to a website so that customers can make their purchase.

This type of selling is called affiliate marketing

Now it’s not all about leaving random links here and there throughout your blog. You must trust and believe in the products you are selling to your readers. I wouldn’t want to buy something only to realize it was a waste of money. You need to sign up to be an affiliate to that company/website that you are directing your customers to. It’s just a matter of signing up on their website and getting an approval. Some are easy to get approved, while some are not that easy. An affiliate is what this whole process of integrating with another website and selling them on your blog.

How do you find an affiliate program?

You just do a google search,

Product + affiliate program,  and see your search results. Affiliate marketing is a huge post on its own, for another day 🙂

Affiliate marketing is only ONE of the many ways to earn through your blog. You can also sign up for ads and place them within your blog posts, write for on other websites and get paid, create and sell your own courses and products through your blog. As a beginner blogger, I would start with ads and affiliate marketing and slowly work your way up the ladder.

Hope you found this useful. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments box, I’ll be happy to answer them.



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