We’ve all heard it- breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Its what makes or breaks your day…Well at least for most of us! Living in India, breakfast was all about the might tiffin! A plate filled with a hearty Indian breakfast meal right in the morning. But now living in the UK, I enjoy a quick morning breakfast like a breakfast cereal, a bowl of fruit, toast or even create my own version of the English breakfast ( mushrooms stay, I love them!). So I wanted to create a list of healthy Indian breakfast recipes that almost anyone can create. I have had the pleasure of involving a group of fine Indian home chefs to help me out with this. These lovely women have come up with over 10 recipes that have a healthy ingredient. They look pleasing to the eyes and healthy to the tummy. If you don’t have the time to go through every recipe below, I have made it into a FREE ebook that you can download below and read it at your own time.

Quinoa and chia porridge

Tired of eating oatmeal or wheat flakes for breakfast. Here is a good alternative if you like breakfast cereals. Its got quinoa, chia seeds, and berries. This is one berrylicious recipe that I enjoy!! Try and experiment with this recipe and top with fruit of your choice!

Egg muffin sandwich

This egg muffin sandwich can be a good option for picky kids. Perfectly spiced baked eggs, between two nicely toasted brown bread, can be a good start to the day and a can also be a fun evening snack idea for kids. A nice combination of carbs and protein for growing kids

Mixed lentil dosa

For all dosa lovers! It’s not easy trying to ferment dosa batter, especially in cold weather. So here is a recipe where you can have an instant dosa with a mixture of lentils (dal) and have a healthy crispy dosa. This works well for me, alternating the rice batter for a protein-packed lentil mix, served with your favorite side!

Eggless Banana muffins

These eggless banana muffins are so easy to make and you can be creative and pour them into your choice of muffin cases to make it more entertaining for kids. This recipe is quick and easy to make, and I love it when the muffin is totally homemade. It’s an amazing feeling when you know what you have prepared is from wholesome fresh ingredients straight from your kitchen

Dill leaves dosa

A new one isn’t it? I have to give this one a try! A creative option to give some color to your dosa with some fresh herbs. Again an amazing alternative to the rice flour dosa. I think it might be a hit with kids who are being introduced to Indian meals. The color might be exciting for them to try out!

Sweet Rice crepe (palm jaggery)

Palm jaggery is known to be rich in iron and is used in a lot of Indian recipes as an alternative to sugar. This is a simple recipe, yet a mild and nice breakfast idea to try out when you want a not so heavy breakfast meal. Paired with a glass of warm or chilled milk to suit your taste- yummylicious!

Quick pesto bread

Don’t enjoy store-bought bread? Want a savory bread with a little bit of flavor to eat as a standalone dish? How does a recipe on how to make homemade pesto and bake your own bread sound to you? This will make the list if you like the sound of that!

Ragi Idli

Ragi, otherwise known as finger millet is quite a staple ingredient with Indians. It can be made as a porridge or added to idlis and dosas to spruce up the dish. Ragi idli is a great idea to incorporate millets in your diet if you are not keen on having it as a porridge.  Goes well with any chutney or sambar

Beetroot sliders

Want a veggie burger? Try this beetroot slider accompanied with veg of your choice and grilled tomatoes and wait for it… homemade tzatziki dip! There’s nothing Indian to this but I love this recipe and its a good choice for creating a colorful plate of goodness. If you’ve got more time to spend on the weekends, give this a shot!

Pumpkin idli

Learn how to prepare pumpkin idlis without having to wait for the batter to ferment! So you have tried roast pumpkin and pumpkins in a curry but pumpkin in a idli? A quick and easy recipe especially if you don’t have a clue what to cook with pumpkins! Top it with fresh ghee or honey and you don’t need to worry about cooking any side dish!

That’s ten recipes for you in the post and more included in the recipe ebook! 



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