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Getting kids to enjoy meal times is hard work. Parents can get exhausted trying to find the right snack or dinner. So how about making eating fun, with a fun food idea for kids?

I’ve got Leah, a vegan mom blogger over at to help us with this! Hope you enjoy her fun learning activity!

Hey there readers of Messy Life Sorted! My name is Leah and today, I’m sharing with you a new, fun, interactive vegan dinner idea for you and your kiddos! It’s yummy, super easy and very affordable. 

Fun food idea:

Wondering what it could be? Two words: TACO BAR! And not just any taco bar, we’re talking about a vegan taco bar. My son and I do this quite often and he loves it. We love doing this because he gets to have the independence of making up his own dinner into whatever he wants and he gets to practice assembling the tacos. Thus, encouraging independence and increasing his motor skills. After doing this more regularly with my two-year-old son, his motor skills have gotten noticeably better and he strives to do things more independently.  Sounds like a win-win-win-win-etc to me!

So let’s get to the good stuff! The food! I like to set out Jaxon’s (my son) little food bowls into an assembly line on the kitchen counter so that each ingredient that we are going to add to our tacos are in their own separate space so that he can practice learning about each item and its much less messy this way. 

Here are some examples that you can include in your taco bar: 





Diced tomatoes

Vegan Cheese


Black Beans

Pinto Beans

Getting kids to enjoy meal times is hard work. Parents can get exhausted trying to find the right snack or dinner. So how about making eating fun, with a fun food idea for kids?


No matter what we decide to put on our taco assembly line, I always mix up some Gardein Beefless Crumbles as our base. These are so easy to make and they are packed with protein. As a vegan family, that is always something that I am on the lookout for. Protein-packed foods! Luckily, these a filled with protein and they take just a few minutes to prepare. I throw some in a sauté pan and they defrost and warm up in just a few moments. I like to add some low sodium taco seasoning as well to add even more flavor. 

Once I throw all of our supplies into little bowls, its party time! Sometimes we have our bar on the kitchen counter or sometimes I’ll put everything out in front of Jaxon at the dining room table and he does it from there. Like most other things in our life, it depends on his mood 😉

I hope you enjoyed this idea for a fun, interactive, healthy dinner for you and your whole family! 

What a fun food activity for kids to enjoy and learn to eat independently. I totally agree with Leah, this activity

Helps kids enjoy their meal times – especially good for picky little eaters. Here is a more detailed post on tips to help fussy eaters.

Encourages independence at a young age – This will teach them to do small age-appropriate chores more independently with tantrums. From tidying up the toy box, helping out with laundry to big chores as they mature.

When your child says no to a certain food:

You mix up your taco bar with foods your kids enjoy. But remember to re-introduce the food your kids once said no to. You’ll be surprised that he/she enjoys it now. I don’t think it a great idea to think that kids hate this and that. Every fresh fruit and veg out there has a nutrient your child needs. Maybe they don’t like steamed broccoli, then try roasting it or mixing it with foods they enjoy eating (pasta/ curries/ rice). Your little one might one day surprise you!

If you have any questions or if you did try out this vegan taco bar idea with your kids, let us know how it went in our comments box below!