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Having kids is lovely. Those impromptu hugs and that toothless grin – these are moments that parents live for. They often come when you least expect them and that’s what makes them so special! However, when you live in a house with kids, you have to expect other incidents that may occur when least expected – emergency or crisis situations.

Emergency childrens survival kit and what every mom with toddlers need to know #toddlerlife #toddlerKids are chaotic and can turn your home topsy-turvy – it’s a fact of any parent’s life! They can stick their noses in unwanted places, and stick unwanted stuff up their noses as well! It’s all part of a child’s natural curiosity and while exploration is to be encouraged, we need to keep our kids safe at all times.

These days most of us are aware of the importance of childproofing and you’ve probably got all the related thingamajigs in your home. Yet, kids will be kids and there are bound to be unexpected incidents.

So what is a parent to do? Create an emergency survival kit that will help you when there’s a storm coming. Here are a few things to stock up!


Kids play. And sometimes that play may result in falls, scrapes, cuts and other injuries. It’s completely natural, but you don’t want to have a crying, hurt child in your arms as you realize you’re out of band-aids! Get ones in bright colors; they seem to have a psychological healing effect as well!

Pain relief

Pain in any part of the body could be due to a wide variety of reasons, and not all of them need medical attention. Yet, if your child is extremely uncomfortable, you need pain relief medication for some instant soothing.

Ready-to-go snacks

Which Mom hasn’t heard the ‘I’m hungry!’ song at least 10 times a week? Growing children need a lot of energy for all their activities, which results in frequent hunger pangs. In some instances, these can come at a very inconvenient time for you, when you don’t have the time to make something from scratch. Healthy ready to eat snacks are your perfect solution for little tummy emergencies!


This may seem like a strange thing to have on this list, but it’s an incredibly helpful little tool! It’s perfect for removing splinters, thorns or bee stingers. If your child has stuffed something into her nose or ear and there is enough of the object still outside, tweezers can be used to carefully pull it out. However, do this only if you’re sure – otherwise, you may push the object further in. Another advantage – kids can bring in all kinds of bugs and other gruesome stuff you wouldn’t pick up with your hands – hence tweezers!

First-aid knowledge

It is strongly recommended for all parents to attend a first aid course and learn all the basics thoroughly. Yet, it is still a good idea to have an emergency chart to help guide you when needed. Even if you have done the course, the shock of a sudden incident may make you forget what you should do, but looking at the chart will bring it all back. Put the chart right next to where you put your emergency phone numbers.

Stay Calm

Yes, this is the most important thing to have in any kind of emergency. The worst thing you could do in an emergency is to freak out! You need to maintain your composure, take stock of the situation, and identify the next steps to take. Tell yourself that you have everything you need for an emergency and that you’ve got this!

Parents worry about their kids all the time, especially when it comes to issues like health and safety. Putting together a kit of emergency must-haves ensures that you can handle a crisis situation with ease. So you can stay calm and enjoy those sweet hugs and kisses without any worry!