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Easy toddler and kid-friendly lunch ideas for picky eaters with colorful and healthy recipes included! #recipes

Toddlers, or should I said kids in general transition through a phase where fussing eating happens. It’s something that worries parents and can be at times frustrating. You try to make one of your best meals only to get a thumbs down from them.

Here are some quick and easy toddler lunch recipes for your picky eaters that might go well. They are healthy recipes the whole family can enjoy, so no need to worry about cooking separate meals.


Veggie Egg cups:

These super easy to make egg cups require only three ingredients. Put them all together and bake in a muffin tin to make a quick lunch. With ingredients like milk, eggs, and veggies this one is a power lunch!

Rainbow wrap

With a display of colorful veggies, a corn tortilla wrap and your little one’s favorite homemade dip put it all together for a colorful rainbow wrap. I use really fancy words when I serve meals for my kids. This gets them excited that mummy has made something super special for them! My toddler would eat this without it being wrapped, its a lot easier for them to pick and eat this way.



Healthy chicken tenders

These 4 ingredient chicken tenders are so easy to make, even your little one can help you make this! Its clean healthy and beats any fast food deep fried chicken tender!



Kid pasta salad

How can I not include a pasta recipe in here right?! Using fresh cut vegetables, pasta and cheese put them together to make a perfectly green and colorful pasta that is easy to carry with you for your hungry little one, in a lunch box when you are on the go.



Healthy bean and rice burritos

Burritos are a favorite at our house. No drama! So if this is one of your favorite meal try this recipe out by making “mini burritos” for the kids and the right size for the rest of the family. Perfect no mess lunch idea.



Egg Bites

These high in protein egg bites also make a great finger food for kids. You can make these for breakfast lunch or dinner and is a fun recipe to make if you have older kids at home.