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Christmas is an expensive month for most of us. From food, shopping for presents, clothes, and decorations.

If you are a family with young kids they might ask you for a visit to Santa’s grotto, the toy shop or even just shop for sweet treats.

While all of this is ok, it can get expensive if you are a big family. And sometimes getting kids to enjoy little special moments are a treasure and can be cherished a lifetime.

Christmas is not just the time for receiving gifts and presents, but also the time to share. Talk to kids about the importance of sharing. This is not only for their personal development, but they also tend to be caring to siblings – which means fewer fights around the house:)

I have two kids under three and we play so many “pretend games” over the weekend that they tend to forget about the toy store. Kids under the age of 10 can find little experiences and here is a little list to help you this Christmas. They don’t cost you a lot and they are so much to do.

1. First is to declutter

Get kids to clear out old toys that are still good to give away to charity. Tell them that they Santa’s little elves and they are helping him deliver these toys to the charity shop. This not only teaches them to share but also gets them involved in cleaning out their toys, packing them in boxes and storing them away in boxes.

2. Santa Picnic

I call this the -Santa picnic! Every little helper needs the energy to help to deliver toys for Santa, right?! My three-year-old is quite a picky eater. If you have a fussy little eater, these little role play games can help with some of their meals. It’s great to have a red picnic blanket to go with the theme and get kids to wear a Santa hat or costume. We all sit down on the blanket and have our meals. You can do this as often as you like throughout the holiday season. Its great to have a Santa picnic in your backyard or indoors – depending on the weather.

3. Cook

Even if it gets really messy. Kids eat better when they cook their own meals. Sometimes, us moms can get tired with the mess involved in kids cooking. But once in a while allowing them to cook can do good for their concentration and gets them involved as a family. You can make snowball cookies, gingerbread cookies or any holiday-themed snacks.

4. Make homemade Christmas gifts

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I personally like doing my own Christmas baskets filling it with homemade Christmas treats. Once you are done getting your gifts ready, you can get kids to help fill and decorate baskets.

5. Dress up party

Have a Christmas dress up party and take photos. You can invite friends and family to be included in the photos and add these photos to your Christmas tree. There will be so much to talk about on Christmas day, looking back at those photos.

6.Personalized Christmas tree.

Buy affordable color paper and any other decorative pieces from dollar tree and help them decorate the tree. You can cut a long strip of color paper and make them look like streamers to throw on your tree.

7. Stitch some stockings

If you have older kids at home that enjoy DIY projects this would be a hit. Buy some soft red material and cut them to the shape of a Christmas stocking. Stitch the ends of the stocking and turn them inside out. You can then stick sequence and glitter to decorate it.

8. Visit the local market to buy produce for the season.

A visit to the local market can be therapeutic – it is for us. Its a fun to try out new products and buying local is good for supporting the local farming community. Kids can pick and choose their fruit of choice. One fun experience worth trying is fruit picking. We are regulars at the pick your own apples and strawberries. Its a fun experience for kids and they enjoy eating fresh fruit THEY handpicked:)

9. The veggie patch

On the contrary to buying your berries, you can also choose to grow your own at home. Strawberries are great to grow at home and make for a great dessert too!

These are lovely family experiences kids can enjoy this Christmas season. An experience that will last a lifetime! Have any such experience you’d like to share with us? Leave them in the comments below.

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